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What Goes On Behind the Scenes

At Nova Telephone Company, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality Telephone and Internet Services available. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Meet Our Technicians

A Brief History of Nova Telephone Company

The Nova Telephone Company was founded in 1907 by J.J. Dieter, A.B. Richards and Chas Moore. In 1984, Mr. Richard Ringler and Walter Whitmore purchased The Nova Telephone and operated it until November 2010 when Charles Mattingly, owner of VNC Enterprises, LLC and KCL Enterprises, INC. purchased the company. Since the purchase in 2010, efforts to become more efficient and improve service have been continually made. An additional 11 miles of underground fiber cable was laid which allowed a new internet access route as well as provided a backbone for our future expansion. We are constantly looking to upgrade and improve our performance in order to better serve our hometown customers.

Dean White, The Telephone Man

Dean White is a husband, dad, grandpa and technician. He has been with Nova Telephone Company since October 1989. He first began his career as a Basic Wireman in the Marine Corps in 1966 which included field telephone and switchboard operations, installation, and maintenance. Upon Honorable Discharge in March 1969, Dean took a job with Northern Ohio Telephone Company in Oberlin, Ohio where he stayed until September 1969, when he was transferred to New London, Ohio. At this time, Northern Ohio Telephone was purchased by GTE Telephone Company. Dean remained with the company and took a position installing/repairing switching equipment, testing outside lines and installing jumpers for new service.  In 1979, Dean transferred to Ashland, Ohio to work in the Ashland Main Switch Room. It was during this time that the transition from Analog to Digital carrier took place, and Dean was able to be trained on this. In October of 1989, Dean was hired by Nova Telephone Company as a Combination Man, which meant he would be working switching equipment, carrier equipment, key phone systems, along with doing customer phone line installation and repairs. During his time with Nova, Dean has working on the installation of fiber optic cables, maintained care of the company PC's, networking, and databases, and has been a part of many updates within the company.

Trenten Petrey, Our Newest Technician

Trenten Petrey is 29 years old and married, with two dogs. He has been in the communications world for almost 7 years. He started out installing Phone, Internet and Cable services with a contracting company for Time Warner Cable in 2008. After just 7 months, he became the lead technician in Field Training where he was the support for many technicians. After two years, Trenten found himself back in the printing business that he started right out of High School. It was a year of printing before he decided to get back into the technical world. That's when he joined AT&T as a U-Verse Technician. During his time we AT&T, he installed and repaired  phone, internet and cable TV service in residential and commercial buildings.He enjoyed his time with AT&T but when we saw the opportunity at Nova Telephone, he immediately accepted the offer. For Trenten, Nova is a chance to grow a company with his ideas, ideas that would not be heard at a large company. He plans to continually discover, research and implement as many new ideas as he can to offer customers the best service possible.

Nova Telephone has the BEST technicians around, and we are SO grateful to have them on our team!